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Code : HOM

A Milk is often homogenized; it is a treatment which prevents a cream layer to separate from the milk. The milk is pumped at high pressures through very narrow tubes, breaking up the fat globules through turbulence and cavitations. Our robust range of Homogenizers varies from 20 liters to 2000 lph. The theory of homogenizer is that the basic product enters the valve area through very high pressure and velocity. It is then guided into micro clearance valve space where it is pierced and injected to impinge over the impact ring which is homogenized.

This application of homogenization is done to improve product stability, uniformity, consistency, viscosity, absorbency, shelf life and brightness.

Technical Aspects

  • Crank case made out of high quality cast iron.
  • Slash lubrication to provide effective cooling.
  • All fluid contact parts and homogenizing chamber made out of AISI-316.
  • The Homogenizer valve assembly is made from satellite.
  • Simple and double stage homogenizing head ( Manual & Hydraulic).
  • Imported Diaphragm type pressure gauge.
  • Designed for CIP cleaning.
  • Enclosures are made out of imported plastic coated AISI- 304 sheet.
  • It is in the range of 20-20,000 LPH.

It can also be applied in Dairy Products such as: Pasteurized Milk, Cream, Butter, Lassi and Yoghurt. It is also used in Ice- Cream for better taste and smoothness.

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