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Milk Analyzers

Code : MA

  • Ambient air temperature 10"C'40"C (option 43 *C)
  • Milk temperature 1°C -40°C
  • Relative humidity 30% - 80%


Switching Adapter Input :

  • LOO-240V~1.6 a max. 50-60 Hz
  • Output : *12V 4.17A min.
  • Output power : SO - 65 W


  • Dimensions (WxLxH)
  • 100x230x220 mm
  • Weight 3kg

Stainless steel cover box

Other Models

MODEL CODE No. : LS-MEGA-lll-01.1 MILK ANALYSER To measure Fat, SNF and Added water with fully Auto cleaning and in built battery & Charger.

MODEL CODE No. : LS-MEGA-VHI-015 MILKANALYSER It is used to measure Fat, SNF, Density, Proteins, and Lactose & Water Content. It has a freezing Point and PH with an Auto cleaning, inbuilt battery & charger.

MODEL CODE No. : LM-016LACTOMUNEEM To measure Fat, SNF and Added water with inbuilt data processor with weighing scale and printer to work as AMCU.

Other Products

  • Electronic Milk Tester
  • Milk Muneem

Milk DATA Program
It is a program used to collect milk data from the Lacto scan milk analyzer connected by means of RS 232 cable to PC COM port;

Milk Conductive measuring system (option)
Milk Conductive changes depending on concentration of ions in the milk.

Milk Conductivity can be used for :

  • Test of udder health (detection of subclinical mastitis); control of water evaporation grade in
  • Condense milk production;?
  • Determination of dry milk solubility rate.


pH measuring system (degree of acidity) (option)
pH value may vary

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