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Milk Silos

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Now milk can be stored with our Milk Silos that adds a new dimension to storing milk. The vertical storage tank has a capacity of 10,000 and 30,000 liters. It is installed outside the dairy building, as it provides a useful solution where dairy space is limited. A wide range of colors are available to help the silo blend with the environment.

The milk is pre-cooled before entering the silo via a non-return valve at the bottom of the tank. Its temperature is maintained by direct expansion (DX) cooling plates inside the silo that operates independently to the ice builder. A durable exterior together with high density insulation protects from extreme temperature.

The Milk Silo is cleaned using a CIP cleaning system which is incorporated inside a stainless steel all cover situated through the wall to the dairy. A unique 2-in-1 outlet secures a perfect wash every time.

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