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Road Milk Tanker

Code : RMT

Road Milk Tanker (With Only Barrel)

  • Tankers are available with & without Truck Chasis
  • Outer SS & Outer MS are provided as per customer requirements
  • Budget Capacity 10,000 Litres

General Specifications

  • The capacity of the barrel is 10,000 Litres.
  • It has four equal compartments of 2,500 Litres each.
  • Inner shell and outer shell are of stainless steel.
  • It is 304 grade 2.0 mm thick and the sheet is 100 mm thick.
  • Thermocole insulation is provided between inner shell and outer shell.
  • There will be four numbers of manholes on top and four numbers of outlets with 2” Diameter valve.

Road Milk Tanker

  • It has a Capacity of 7,000 Litres


  • Tanker barrels are provided in three compartments.
  • Front two compartments are of 2,500 Litres each and back compartment has 2000 litres capacity.
  • Inner shell is made of 2.0 mm thick SS – 304 grade sheet and outer shell is made of 3.0 mm thickness.
  • Mild steel sheet is installed which is duly painted.
  • We provide standard accessories.

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