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Milk Reception Centre

Code : MRC

Our newly designed milk reception section has a reception line which includes intake of milk and other liquid milk products, used for further processing in a milk processing plant. The primary function is to first eliminate the air, measure the quantity, pumping and cooling before it is sent for storing and further processing. APV Milk Reception is designed for sanitary conditions and can be supplied either as a skid-mounted unit or installed on-site.

The benefits of APV Milk Reception are that it eliminates the air for improved product quality and accurate measurements, continuous operation, long running times and easy installation.

S.S. Tipping Bar

  • Milk Weighing M/c. It is a type of platform. It has a Portable Collection Tank with a Dump Tank and a Milk Receiving Pump.
  • It has a Milk Inline Filter installed in it.
  • Raw Milk Chilling System is a type of milk chiller plate which chills the milk from a temperature of 35 Deg. C to 4 Deg. C
  • Raw Milk double Jacket Storage Tank and SS Milk Storage Tank is insulated.

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